Thinking of Family

Just thinking of the socialite side of life. The one which I have never nor will ever, be a part of. I was born into a middle class family and a comfortable existence. We had family parties and celebrated in our less than elite ways. In my adulthood, the hubby and I moved the kids to Florida after he lost enthusiasm for the job he had done for many years. Once we settled in Pinellas County, we moved a couple times for different reasons. One of those moves was to Seminole, Florida, a nice little town. But I digress. Back to the socialite way of life…I read and hear via the internet and television about the elaborate party events thrown by the “rich and famous.” Weddings, especially, are far beyond what I and my friends and family have ever attended. While living in the city of Seminole, we hosted a birthday party for our granddaughter and went all out by using the services of Party Rentals Seminole. Though that celebration turned out to be a big success, I imagine it couldn’t compare in any way to what a celebrity bash has to offer! I picture their catering to be done by top chefs and the venue to be adorned with posh decorations created by high end designers. Some people that I have talked to seem to envy the “over the top” lifestyles of Hollywood and even some political circles. I, myself, have no desire to join those “in” crowds (not that I would ever have the chance to, anyway.) Being a somewhat shy person, I actually enjoy the laid back ways I and my family celebrate all occasions. While I don’t have any problem with others living the so called good life rife with fancy parties and elegant decorations and menus with hard to pronounce entrees, I, at the same time, prefer my paper streamers, homemade decor and spaghetti with meatballs. So it is without any hard feelings that I respect the right of others to go above and beyond the so called norm in partying but I will continue to enjoy things in my less than sophisticated manner. To each his own, as the saying goes!

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