Guide to Car Detailing 

In most non-car enthusiast, it might not be significant on the difference of car detailing to car washing however in most car owners whether an enthusiast or not, must look of getting their car fully detailed often and should look into smaller details regularly in order to have their car look at its best in most of the time. This comes the question that is always pooping “what are the differences between car washing and car detailing? 

Car Detailing

So, to help you understand the benefits of car detailing which is also known as mobile detailing, here are some of what you could expect when choosing to have your car detailed and you might want to go back into normal car washing. 

Car detailing simply means thorough cleaning of your vehicle with the use of specialized tools and equipment and products from top to bottom. Light cosmetic touch up could also be done but not body repairs or paintwork. This involves reconditioning and cleaning your car’s interior and exterior which aims the restoration of the paintwork through the elimination of scratches and marks making the car almost new like you did when you drove it out from the shop. 

Having a car wash will get rid of the dirt outside of your car and light cleaning in its interior by vacuuming but in car detailing, the process is much broader and further that the last imperfection will be polished and vacuum out that you could leave it to be displayed in the showroom. 

There are no set of guidelines but there is a great variety in the terms of service which is included in the service of complete detailing. Some detailing services has packages like interior and exterior detailing with the use of high-end wax and clay treatment and there is also more advanced interior cleaning which includes leather treatment and stain removal and dressing of all plastics. 

If you are choosing for car detailer would come to your location, it is called mobile car detailing and this could cost you more but this could save you time and you will not have any trouble in driving into a detailing shop and waste time waiting for hours for the detailing to be finished. 

Some detailing services also offer packages that is only needed by your car. The idea of detailing is being centered on its bespoke nature so if you think it won’t work for you or your car and needs, it won’t work at all. 

Here are some tips in finding a prefect detailer for your car. 

  • Service offered 

Find a detailer who offers the same kind of services that you are looking for like for example if you want your car to be cleaned from pet hair, look for a detailer who offers this kind of service or else you will not get the best results. 

  • Pricing 

This could be very expensive but due to the use of high-quality cleaning products, the pricing also increases. 

  • Reviews 

First thing to check when you find a detailer id to check for review and you could see it if the detailer company has an online profile like a website or social media account so it is easy nowadays to check what other customers say about the detailer. 

  • Mobility 

Some people don’t have time to take their car to a shop so if you are one of them, look for a mobile detailing service. These detailers would come to your location whether at home or office but could provide you the best service because they have all their equipment in their truck. 

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