Steps in Auto Detailing 

A car mobile detailing is consisting of two phases, these are interior and exterior detailing. Here is the breakdown of each phase so that you would know exactly what you would get when having a detailed vehicle. You could also ask your technician if you have questions about the process for most of them would love to share to you the art they are making when detailing a vehicle. 

 Auto Detailing

Exterior Car Detailing 

First is to have an exterior washing in order to remove much dirt as possible, allowing soap to foam and softened the mud to be lifted up to the surface. 

Next is using special brushes and cleaning the wheels by taking all the dust and filth from the wheels, brakes, lug nuts and others that are considered as the dirtiest parts of the car. 

After the wheels, paintwork is then washed from top to bottom using soft microfiber towels and then using clay bar in removing dirt that is tightly bonded on the surface of the car. 

The paint is then polished if required in order to eliminate light scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. This might be the most time consuming of the process. 

Protective layer is then added using a high-quality wax. This doesn’t only add protection to your car but also makes your car shiny like newly paint car. 

Windows and other parts are methodically cleaned and polished along with the remaining parts of the exterior. Finishing touches of the car’s body in all corners and exterior trim making the entire car sparkle. 

Interior car detailing 

All the upholstery inside your car is vacuumed, all dirt and stain is also remove by applying shampoo. If the interior has leather parts, this is condition and cleaned and removing the deeply ingrained dirt. If there are vinyl parts, it is also cleaned properly. Your car’s interior is also polished and cleaned. 

Optional step 

It is also important to have your engine bay cleaned but most prefer not too for the simple reason that most car owner don’t care about the looks under the hood or some might think that only mechanics must touch and clean under the engine. 

But having your engine cleaned, it will become easier to identify most of the engine problem and a lot faster. It is also a lovable to work with a clean engine and if you are thinking of selling your car, having a clean engine bay could leave a great impression to your potential buyer for having a clean engine bay means that your car is well maintained for most buyers would check everything under the hood. Having a clean engine bay could also raise the value of your car. 

Some parts of the engine should also be protected when you are having your car detailed. Some parts of the under the hood must be protected from wear and tear. After it is being dried, all plastic, rubber and silicone components should be dressed properly to ensure that they are protected from cracking. These processes could protect your car every to avoid problem like wear on silicone and rubber. 


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